El alma que ha visto, lo mejor posible, las esencias y la verdad, deberá constituir un hombre, que se consagrará a la sabiduría, a la belleza, a las musas y al amor. Platón, Fedro o de la belleza.
Perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road. Isak Dinesen
Sólo vemos lo que miramos. Mirar es elegir. John Berger
Y cogeré hasta el final de los tiempos, las plateadas manzanas de la Luna, las doradas manzanas del Sol. William Butler Yeats

sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

Laudamus feminam

The Name of the Rose (1986) by Jean-Jacques Annaud. 

Adso of Melk: Master? There´s something I must tell you.
William of Baskerville: I Know
Adso: Then, will you hear my confession?
William: I'd rather you told me first as a friend
Adso: Master...Have you ever been in love?
William: In love? many times
Adso: You were?
William: Of course. Aristotle, Ovid, Virgil...
Adso: No. I meant with a...
William: Are you not confusing love with lust?
Adso: Am I? I don´t know. I want her own good. I want her to be happy. I want her to save her poverty
William: Oh, dear!
Adso: Why, "oh dear"?
William: You are in love.
Adso: Is that bad?
William: For a monk it does present certain problems.
Adso: But doesn´t St Thomas Aquinas praise love above all other virtues?
William: Yes, the love of God, Adso. The love of God.
Adso: And the love of woman?
William: Of woman, Thomas Aquinas Knew precious little. But the Scriptures are very clear. Proverbs warns us: Woman takes possession of a man´s precious soul.While Ecclesiastics tell us: "More bitter than death is woman".
Adso: Yes, but what do you think, Master?
William: Of course, but I don´t have the benefit of your experience...but I find it difficult to convince myself that...God would have introduced such a foul being into creation...without endowing her with some virtues. Hm?
How peaceful life would be without love, Adso. How safe, how tranquil...and how dull.

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